Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I LOVE giant clam shells! I am trying to get some inspiration on where to put one in my home.

I'm thinking that my yellow lab Norman needs one of these

I love that they use the clam shell in the fire place

You can get one of your own to use in your homes here or here. Enjoy!


  1. Love these! I recently bought a large one at a garage sale for $1, and it is just fabulous!!!

  2. Well I was going to be original and say make a sink out of it...but then the last picture stole my idea...darn.

    I love the doggy bowl idea. What about using it as a magazine/newspaper holder in between the couches or next to a reading chair? (For those of us that don't have puppies...

  3. Norman would love that. Bubba would probably go lay in it.


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