Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Guest Post

Today I am featuring Leah from The Way We Are.  She has amazing DIY projects that are so clever!  I love the idea of making a dresser an island in a kitchen.  Enjoy!! You can check out more of blog here.

Hello Cove and Grey readers! I am so excited that Lauren has asked me to stop by today and show you a couple of my before and afters. I am constantly finding less than desirable things at thrift stores and transforming them into one of a kind treasures. I love giving things a new life and even a new purpose.
My two latest diy makeovers are an old dresser I transformed into our kitchen island and two lamps for our family room.

I spied this dresser at the Goodwill, I saw that it had seen better days but with it's good bones I knew it had potential!
So I do what a normally do, I give it a good sanding, paint job, added new accessories and viola a brand new kitchen island. A kitchen island with personality and usefulness to boot.

Sometimes in the heat of a diy makeover I forget to take before pictures. I know I am that impatient! So here these lamps are with a couple coats of orange spray paint. When I found them they were a a sponged gold (ick).
I found two matching orange lamp shades at my local favorite lamp store and now they are totally chic lighting for our family room.

I hope you have enjoyed getting a peak at some of my projects and please feel free to stop by and follow along as I continue my love affair with paint!

Luvs, Leah from The Way We Are


  1. Oh! I love the orange lamps!! And I'd be super excited if I could find a dresser that had those bones at a thrift store. Happy that I discovered your blog!

  2. Paint can really do wonders. The dresser and lamps completely transformed and look great.


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