Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Place

We are finally settled into our studio/guest house.  There are still things that are a work in progress but I wanted to share some pictures with you.

the view from across the pool

our outdoor fireplace

our sitting room

I decided to separate our bedroom from our sitting area by using the ikea expedit


our dining table is a work in progress
our white chair is from our desk at our old home and the other ones are just something to sit on (yucky)


  1. I love how you used the Ikea shelf as a room divider. Great idea!

  2. Wow, that's where you live?! That pool and outdoor fireplace look amazing! Its looks like you are being very creative to effectively use all your interior spaces.

  3. OMG~ Gorgeous! Im so jealous~in a good way!)



  4. What a great space! Looks like a tropical getaway. I am crazy about the Expedit shelving! I would use it in every room if I could. I'm your newest follower. Come follow me back. :) I would love to have you join my Makeover Monday series as a guest poster if you are interested. You can flaunt your space. Email me if you are interested-

  5. it looks great! we just bought that same bookshelf from ikea to separate "our room" and "Leah's room". :)

  6. It looks wonderful!!
    love the outdoor space too!
    xox dana

  7. lauren i LOVE this!! so pretty. you've done so well in making great use of the space too, it's great!

  8. looks great Lauren. Btw--we are so on the same page. i am getting a custom book shelf built (kind of like the ikea one) to create a small "hallway" into our master bedroom--since its right off the entry. miss you!


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