Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fall Fashion-Boots

(Warning, this post has nothing to do with Interior Design.  It does have to do with my love of fashion)

Ever since we have made the move from Utah to San Diego, I have been looking for a reason to wear my boots.  Well, its finally getting colder here (cold for San Diego is 50 degrees).

Here are some of my favorite boots that I can't get enough of.  Do you have a go to pair of boots?

Sam Edelman

 Steve Madden


  1. You need to mail me all your boots. It's freezing here already. I love all of these picks.

  2. you LIVED in your s.maddens in the winter. LIVED. reasonably so, they're rockin.

  3. amazing!! AND the best part is that you can wear suede ALL winter b/c there won't be snow in San jealous!


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