Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Guest Post

Today we have another guest post on a bloggers sanctuary in their home.  Rene shared hers with us today, 

Hi there!  I am René from the Cottage & Vine here to share my sanctuary.  You would think that at least one room in my house would be finished, but it isn't.  Our home is always work in progress.  If I could choose one room to be my sanctuary though, it would be my family room.

When I sit in here it means that everything is done for the day and I can finally sit and relax for a while.

We have a hi-lo mix of old & new in this room and the fabrics are relaxed and comfortable - perfect for chilling out.

There you have it.  Thanks so much for inviting me over today Lauren!

Make sure you check out her blog!


  1. Love the guest post! Great choice!

  2. i love rene's blog and style- she is so classic and chic and never fails to impress me!

  3. Your room looks so relaxing while being stylish! Thanks for sharing Rene!

  4. So the colors and the little bit of black in the furniture and natural in the shades and rug.

  5. Beautiful room your style!

  6. Love the details: classic yet stylish. The perfect room for personal quietude or tea with a friend. Jo @ Let's Face the Music

  7. a favorite! And I don't believe I have seen that shot before with the blue and white chairs those!!!

  8. Thank you for the sweet comments everybody! Also, thank you for inviting me Lauren.


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