Thursday, December 29, 2011

E-Design Client Office Reveal!

A few weeks ago I shared a mood board that I put together for a clients office.   There were a few things that we tweaked from the main idea but I think we accomplished the idea of a fun office space.

Today I have the before and after pictures!

Isn't it adorable?!

It is the perfect place for her four children to come in and do crafts while my client works on the computer.  

If you are interested in transforming one of your rooms through e-design or in person please visit my services tab for more information.


  1. Love it! Where's the white craft table and stools from? I need something like that!

  2. I love the curtains and the wall color. Great job!!

  3. This turned out amazing! Good work!

  4. i looove this! great job lauren!

  5. Lauren, I just came across your blog through Breakfast at Toast and in love with it and your style!

    To a New Year and New Friends!

  6. This is such a pretty space - I love the colors! So happy and fun! Great job.

  7. WOW! this space is amazing!!!! i am here from andrea's blog but going to check out more- love love the colors in there!

  8. I LOVE the curtains!!! Can you provide more information as to where they came from, or the pattern of the fabric if you made them? Thanks! :)

    1. Hi Jennifer, out of courtesy to my client I can't share where we got the fabric from but she did make them herself. We ordered the fabric and then figured out the measurements and she sewed them. Please feel to ask any other questions if you do have them. Thanks!

  9. The wall color is probably Benjamin Moore Glass Slipper. It looks very similar to it if not! Am I correct?


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