Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Winter Fashion-Outerwear

(Warning, this post has nothing to do with Interior Design.  It does have to do with my love of fashion)

In a few weeks we are headed to Utah for Christmas. With the temperature at a freezing 26 degrees (AHHHH!) I have been on the look out for some great coats/capes.  Here are my top favorites! 

Do you have a go to coat?


  1. ooooh those are gorgeous - love the first one and the third...completely gorgeous! If it is going to be REALLY cold and snowy though, go for the puff coat (parka) - you'll be happy no matter how cold it gets!

  2. Oh, I'd definitely go with that puffer coat! I'm in Logan and it's been like 3-5 degrees the last week in the mornings!! It's crazy! Don't forget scarves, too! They're definitely a life saver.

    Much Love,

  3. OMG! I looove that long black puffy coat! Although.. that first black peacoat has a great collar. :)


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