Monday, January 16, 2012

Gold Loving Dinnerware

For some time now I have been wanting gold flatware.  I found these gorgeous ones online a while back but wanted to wait till after Christmas so I could use my gift cards on them.  This past weekend I was ready to purchase them, and went online they were no longer available.  I was so sad.. (I know, dramatic)  I decided to call the local West Elm store to see if they had any in stock, after 10 minutes on hold they told me they had them and they would hold them for me.  After this purchase I feel like my dinnerware collection is complete. 

I love my dinnerware, but while I was at West Elm I came across these beauties.  If I had some more more to spend on plates these would be the ones I would purchase.  These ones are a little more formal with a gold (or silver) rim around the outside.  They have great shape to them like mine do.

I love these gold 'scale' glasses from zgallerie, I have the tall tumblers.  (they are also available in silver)

Now I just need to throw a dinner party!  Do you have dinnerware that you love? What pieces are you looking to add?


  1. Love the gold flatware!! And those gold scale glasses are so fun!

  2. LOVE the gold 'Scale' glasses.. I may have to stop at z gallerie today!

    thanks for sharing!!


  3. All gorgeous - love the dinnerware especially!

  4. No dinnerware for yours truly, but I will gladly take everything in this post to start my collection. Love the gold!

  5. I've been thinking about springing for new flatware. I love the gold but I haven't made the commitment yet. It is so gorgeous though. West Elm is THE best!


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