Thursday, January 19, 2012

How do you...

How do you style your bed? Today I wanted to take a look at different ways people make their beds.  Do you use a lot of pillows? Do you lay your pillows flat or prop them up?

propped up

pillows in a line

lots of pillows

lying flat



  1. I am a minimalist. Because I hate having no space to put cushion pillows. Because I seriously just jump into bed and would be plonking them on the floor. No use part from looking pretty.

    Minimalist in the bedroom, but I love them on the couch!

  2. We meaning I prop them up, and there are a lot! 2 sets of shams, 2 decorative, and our sleeping ones.

  3. I prop mine up. I'd have a million pillows if I could, however, I'm a lazy bed maker, so I have to keep it simple! lol I have my sleeping ones, two in shams, and then an big velvet body pillow that I use.

    Much Love,

  4. Love these images! I always prop up my millions of pillows -- the more the better!


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