Thursday, December 13, 2012

All White

A few years ago I bought these pinecone ornaments from Crate and Barrel...(sadly they are no longer available)

I am still so obsessed with them, and find myself wanting to add more all white ornaments to the tree. I love the contrast of the white against the green needles.

These feather ornaments from Alice Lane are gorgeous...

What look do you use on your tree?  Do you go with all one color? 

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  1. I love the white ornaments!

    We usually have multi-colored ornaments, gold garland, and white lights--on an artificial (green) Christmas tree.

    But this year our tree is aluminum, with green garland, no lights (apparently putting lights on an aluminum tree is a fire hazard--so my husband has two small spotlights aimed at it), and lots of multi-colored reproduction 50's and 60's ornaments. It's very fun! :)


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